Annual General Meetings

All information related to Annual General Meetings for the P. R. Community & Student Association (Sadleir House Facility) will be posted here.

Tenth Annual General Meeting

T A K E   N O T I C E

that there shall be the


of the

P. R. Community & Student Association

(Sadleir House Facility)

and o/a PRCSA

- a corporation without share capital -

Eighth Annual General Meeting

1:00pm, Lecture Hall,
751 George Street North,
Peterborough, ON

--- Agenda ---
1.) CALL to ORDER: President’s opening remarks and setting of the agenda.

2.) MOTION to approve minutes of last Annual General Meeting held on 26 March 2011.

3.) PRESENTATION of the 2011 Annual Report.
         Comprising the report of the Steward, the Convenor, and the President
            MOTION to accept the 2011 Annual Report.

Seventh Annual General Meeting

2:00pm, Hobbs Memorial Library,
751 George Street North,
Peterborough, ON

The Seventh Annual General Meeting will be occuring on 26 March 2011, at 2:00pm. Watch this page over the coming weeks for more information about the meeting, including the financial statements, minutes, annual report, and more.

Fifth Annual General Meeting


N.B. Starting with the Fifth Annual General Meeting, Reports of Officers and Directors were no longer seperated as had been the practice in previous years. One compiled report covering the previous calendar year (and applicable financial year(s)) was presented to the membership with the appropriate person presenting each report section.


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