Expanding Communities

The PRCSA Capital Campaign, 2014-2019

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Peter Robinson College and the 10th anniversary of the P. R. Community & Student Association (PRCSA), the PRCSA has launch its first major fundraising campaign since first organising to purchase historic Sadleir House ten years ago. Read more about our plans and consider making a donation to our campaign!

An Introduction: 10 Years Fostering Community

In 2004, thanks to the efforts of students, alumni, faculty, and community members, the PRCSA was founded and undertook to purchase Sadleir House, reimagined as a hub for student and community life. Since reopening under the PRCSA’s stewardship, Sadleir House has provided a beautiful and dynamic venue for the student and Peterborough community to host workshops, performances, meetings, and more, as well as providing affordable office space for community & student groups.

Celebrating the tenth year of operation of Sadleir House, the PRCSA is now looking toward the future and launching its first major fundraising campaign since Sadleir House was purchased. New buildings, accessibility upgrades, and expanded programming initiatives all form the basis of exciting plans for the future.

The PRCSA believes strongly in the role that student and community life play in a truly liberal arts education. Locating these elements in downtown Peterborough, we work to ensure the connection between ‘town and gown’ and foster a connection between scholarship and civic engagement.

To accomplish these goals, we turn to the community for support. Ten years ago, it was the support of potential donors such as yourself that made the vision of what Sadleir House could be a reality. With your continued support, we can grow with security and promise, building on past successes as a home for fostering community and student life.

The Call for Support: Capital Expansion & Growth

Sadleir House, through an exciting partnership with the Peterborough Student Co-op, is looking to purchase the former Peter Robinson College properties south of Sadleir House. This ambitious expansion would allow Sadleir House to grow and broaden its services, while also allowing for the Student Co-op to actualise its mandate of student owned and operated co-operative residences.

By directing your donation to the Capital Expansion & Growth Fund you will help provide increased access to sorely needed community & student activities space. Over its ten years of operations, Sadleir House has consistently had waiting lists for office space, and access to event spaces has become increasingly competitive during peak times as spaces reach capacity further and further in advance.

Donations to the Capital Expansion & Growth Fund will also assist in efforts to increase physical accessibility to Sadleir House. Since the purchase, the PRCSA has worked with architects and experts to develop plans to make the building physically accessible to ensure that all members of our community are able to participate in life at Sadleir House.

Preliminary work funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2009 allowed for alterations to the entrances and main floor to increase accessibility. Future plans include the installation of an elevator and renovations to improve the accessibility of the washroom and event facilities.

The Call for Support: Services & Programmes

By supporting Services & Programmes at Sadleir House, you will help increase the PRCSA’s ability to support the intersection of student and community life. As operations at Sadleir House have matured, the demand for increased capacity to value added services for tenants and patrons has increased as well.

The Sadleir House Library is currently home to close to 5000 print items, and over 1500 DVDs, and although it has grown through the support of community donations, enhancing the collection substantially, additional funds are always required to continue making further acquisitions.

Sadleir House offers successful regular programming through weekly student pub nights during the academic year that allow groups to host events free of charge. Through donations to the Services & Programmes Fund, lecture series, author readings, regular lifeskills and cultural workshops, and a community innovation lab/maker-space have all been identified as potential future programme directions.

Donations to the Services & Programmes Fund provides the funds necessary to develop the resources and equipment available to the Sadleir House community, and further expand and evolve existing programmes to better serve patrons, enhance the student experience, and allow community to flourish in new and dynamic ways.

The Call for Support: Heritage, Building & Grounds

There is no disputing the beauty and charm of Sadleir House and its surrounding grounds. The 1892 Queen Anne Revival home mixed with additions by noted modernist architect Ron Thom make for a space that is unique and inspiring. By supporting the Heritage, Building, & Grounds Fund your donation helps maintain this historically significant property.
Since taking ownership in 2004, the PRCSA has worked tirelessly to revive and refresh the historic spaces within the building. Partially with  the assistance of grants, spaces have been successfully restored and painted, historic hardwood floors & staircases have been refinished, and roofs, brickwork, and more have been carefully repaired.

Working with landscape architects, a master plan for long-term improvements to the grounds has been developed to maximize the enjoyment of the park-like South Lawn. The first phase of this plan was completed in 2013 with the construction of the new Colonnade along George Street that replaced the old damaged, tired fence.

While refinishing floors, patching lathe & plaster, or painting trim may not be the most compelling work, it all affects the bottom line. Donations to the Heritage, Building, & Grounds Fund will help to ensure that Sadleir House remains in excellent condition for the community, and generation after generation of students who find themselves inspired both within and beyond its walls.

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