Supporting Sadleir House

From the outset, the Sadleir House facility has been planned as a bridge between the students of Trent University and the Trent and Peterborough communities. That vision has been realized through the continuing generous support of community members – alumni, faculty, staff and citizens of Peterborough – for the facility and the activities that occur at Sadleir House. There are many ways that you can help support Sadleir House:

Financial and In-Kind Support

Saldeir House is a registered charity and as such can issue charitable receipts for donations received. Financial contributions go toward maintenance and repair of our facility and grounds. In-kind contributions also assist with our activities, examples of in-kind donations could include things such as donating books to our library, or donating supplies and materials for renovation projects. If you are interested in making a contribution, there are a couple of options available to you:

  • Sadleir House can accept financial donations online through allows you to make one-time or monthly donations and also gives you the option of making your donation to Sadleir House anonymous. Go to our donation page, or read the Frequently Asked Questions (external link);
  • Financial or in-kind donations can also be made to us directly by contacting our office either by phone (705) 742-3686 or email us at

    . If you have particular questions or areas that you would like to direct your donation toward or are considering making an in-kind contribution, this is the better option.

Affiliate Programmes

>Sadleir House on occassion participates in affiliate programmes to support our activities. Currently, we participate with through our portal where we receive a percentage of sales as giftcards which we use to purchase materials for our library. If you make purchases through, please consider doing so through our portal to support future book purchases. Please note, Sadleir House supports the use of local booksellers and promotes use of its portal only insofar as you would be making a purchase through anyways.

Use our Facilities!

Sadleir House exists to be used! One of the best ways to support us is to make use of our Facilities & Programmes. Whether it be through booking your next event at Sadleir House, or just coming by to make use of the Common Room or the Library, we thrive on activity of all kinds.


You can also support Sadleir House through donating your time. Volunteer opportunities exist through the Sadleir House Library or through participation with the Board of Directors.
For more information about how to become involved in the project or to support Sadleir House in any of the ways outlined above or more, please contact Dwayne Collins at