Greg Bruce & Bennett Bedoukian

Jun 17, 2023 8:00 PM

Greg Bruce is an improvisor and composer searching for new sounds through the forgotten opportunities of analogue technology. His work blends contemporary classical, folk, and minimalist musics; and exposes the sonic potential of acoustic feedback and cassette tape media. Through a breath-powered instrumentarium – a saxophone augmented by state of the art, lo-tech – Greg investigates the human/machine dialectic and invokes a post-digital future.

Greg will also be giving a cassette tape loop workshop at earlier in the day (3-430pm, description in the ticketing widget above), tickets can be purchased for the workshop seperately, or as a package with the performance.

Bennett Bedoukian is the proprietor, printer, and creative heart behind the letter press O Underworld! in Havelock, Ontario. He is a regular contributor and show presenter in Peterborough. He performs under the solo project Cold Eye, and currently plays with the Craig Pedersen Quartet (Craig Pedersen, Linsey Wellman, Thierry Amar) and Mice (Mark Molnar and Dave Clark) and has previously played with Hello, Babies, and with various arrangements of improvisers, including Karen Ng, Vicky Mettler, Doug Friesen and others.

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