Horseman, Pass By w/JOYFULTALK

Jun 16, 2022 8:00 PM

JOYFULTALK creates instrumental compositions that straddle analog and electronic sound explorations in uniquely inventive ways. Guided by graphic scores, handmade kinetic sculpture, and junked/recuperated Crocker delicately weaves between human interaction and machine clockworks.

Horseman, Pass By's material is comprised of improvisation, white noise transmissions across rural easement posts, and heavily choreographed rhythm and melody, combining the drone rattles of an old diesel engine with the frenzied calls of masses of mating passerines. Their music attempts to bridge the gaps between the echoes out of abandoned cold storage and the fractured voices of underestimated communities. They write songs for those with an ear for the persistent, and the dessication of dead leaves clinging to beech trees at dawn amid the issued reports of the frost cracking forest. The music is at times startling and ecstatic on the two and four, while unflinchingly scraping around the crevices of the bottomlands in an attempt to lay low in the age of irony.

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