In 2003 a demand for increased student space combined with sadness and outrage at the loss of Peter Robinson College prompted a group of students to get together under the name of the Downtown Student Facility Trust. This group put forward a referendum question to Trent full-time undergraduate students to establish a fee to purchase an existing building in downtown Peterborough to form a non-profit educational and cultural facility to be shared with the community as a whole.

In March 2003, the referendum passed and the levy was established. The group worked hard throughout the next year and incorporated on February 19th, 2004 as the P. R. Community & Student Association (PRCSA). On the 27th of February, 2004 the group took possession of Sadleir House and the building opened it’s doors once more.

The PRCSA now operates the building as a student and community centre, relying on money from Trent students and donations from individuals to operate the facility (the PRCSA is a registered charity). In 2005, Sadleir House received historical designation from the City of Peterborough in recognition of its architectural and historical value.



The Kendry Mansion is built for local businessman and politician James Kendry by contractor J. C. Rutherford (brother to Kendry's wife Elizabeth).


James Kendry sells the Kendry Mansion for $10,000 to James R. Stratton, publisher of the Peterborough Examiner and local politician. On the same day, Stratton sells the house, now known as Strathormond, to his wife Eliza for "Natural love and $1.00."


James Stratton builds the Coach House to house his prize-winning Hackney horses.


With the death of her husband the previous year, Eliza Stratton sells Strathormond to local contractor Richard Sheehy for $12,750.17. Like Stratton, Sheehy had the house registered in his wife Mary Ann's name; the family changes the name of the house to The Castle.


29 March John Lynch, local drugist, forecloses and pays $4,000 in back taxes; Sarsfield Sheehy continues to live in The Castle up until 1963.


20 September Purchase of 751 George Street North by Trent University from John Lynch for $22,500.


25 January Trent University establishes Peter Robinson & Catharine Parr Traill Colleges.
17 October Official Opening Ceremonies of Trent University.


The Link is built to connect the main House to the Carriage House, designed by noted Modernist architect Ron Thom.


12 November Trent University's Board of Governors approve the Capital Develop Strategy, outlining plans for the closure of both Peter Robinson and Catharine Parr Traill Colleges, despite objections from the University Senate and widespread community outrage.


21 January Application for judicial review filed by Professors Peter Kulchyski, Ian McLachlan, and Andrew Wernick.
The review is an attempt to establish that the Board did not have the authority to make its decision in face of the opposition from Senate.


26 February Beginning of the non-violet occupation of the Vice-President Academic's office by the "Trent Eight."
1 March, 3:00am 20-25 Police officers in full riot gear with a police dog forcibly remove
the eight women from the Vice-President Academic's office.


15 February Trent University sells the Peter Robinson College properties on George Street to the Moloney Project Develop Corporation for $1.995 million. Included in the deal is a lease-back of the Townhouses until August 2003 with a cost of $200,000 per year.


12 February Trent University enters into a four-year lease of the former Penetcostal Bible College located two blocks north of the former
Peter Robinson College.
23 March The Trent Central Student Association ratifies the results of a student referendum, with the majority of students voting in favour
of the creation of a $22 per student levy to establish a "non-profit, cultural and educational student facility."


19 February The P. R. Community & Student Association (PRCSA) is incorporated with Ontario Corporation Number 1607850.
27 February, 4:00pm The PRCSA become the official owners of 751 George Street North with the closing of the purchase deal.
3 April Official (Re)Opening Ceremonies of Sadleir House

Sadleir House is a non-profit charitable community centre serving the students of Trent University & Peterborough Ontario.

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